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Tower Cranes

We distribute Saez tower cranes and self-erecting cranes. We have multiple models according to range:

Lufting jib mod. SL/SLH crane

Flat Top mod. TLS crane

City mod. S crane.

Self erecting crane.

Saez crane is a company with presence in the world market. Its networks distributors is extended across more than 30 countries. Every crane is certificated by TÜV; one of the most demanding and selective agency.
 BrandTypeModelJibTip load kgs.Máximum load kgs.PDF
SAEZLUFFINGSL 62065 mt.7.50036.000SL620
SAEZLUFFINGSL 45065 mt.4.50024.000SL450
SAEZLUFFINGSL 32060 mt.3.200 18.000SL320
SAEZLUFFINGSL 24060 mt.2.300.16.000SL240
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS80 24T80 mt.2.500 / 3.20024.000TLS8024T
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS75 16T75 mt.2.600 / 2.900 16.000TLS7516T
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS75 12T75 mt.2.600 / 2.90012.000TLS7512T
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS75 10T75 mt.2.600 / 2.90010.000TLS7510T
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS70 12T70 mt.2.000 / 2.20012.000TLS7012T
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS70 10T70 mt.2.000 / 2.20010.000TLS7010T
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS65B 10T65 mt.1.850 / 2.00010.000TLS65B10T
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS65 10T65 mt.1.500 / 1.65010.000TLS6510T
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS65 8TSR65 mt.1.6508.000TLS658TSR
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS65 8T65 mt.1.500 / 1.6508.000TLS658T
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS65 6T65 mt.1.500 / 1.6506.000TLS656T
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS60 8T60 mt.1.250 / 1.4008.000TLS608T
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS60 6T60 mt.1.250 / 1.400 6.000 TLS606T
SAEZFLAT TOPTLS60 5T60 mt.1.250 / 1.4005.000TLS605T
SAEZTOP LESSTL5555 mt.1.050 / 1.2005000TL555T
SAEZTOP LESTL5050 mt.1.010 / 1.1005.000TL505T
SAEZCITYS5252 mt.950 / 11004.000S464T
SAEZCITYS4646 mt.850 / 10004.000S464T

Hoist, Passengers and Working Platforms

We distribute Saeclimber brand. We have multiple models according to range:

Passenger Hoist PH model.

Hoist E serie.

PWorking platforms P model.

SAECLIMBER is a modern company with a wide national and international projection in in industry and construction area.

Formworks and Scaffolds

Formworks systems and accessories

We have lots of formworks systems square meters available by different manufacturers.

Slab end Beam Formworks, Waffle and plastic mould system.

Three layer board panels and H20 beam.


Columns and walls systems

We have a calculation department to estimate the material needs for each site in order to optimize the customer costs.


You can go as far and high as you want. Our European new and used scaffolds allows any kind of assembly, no matter how special it is.

Multidiretional system.

Frame system.

Kwikform system.

We have a calculation department to estimate the material needs for each site in order to optimize the customer costs.


Concrete plants

We distribute concrete plants by Frumecar. We have multiple models according to the range:

Dry process - till 120 m3/hora

Humid process - till 120 m3/hora

Frumecar differentiates itself from competition by manufacturing high quality plants using leading brands components pursuing continued logistical reduction costs till transport a 120 m³/hour dry process in just a 40¨ Hc container.

Static Concrete Pumps

We have several models and capacities concrete pumps in order to reach easily where the concrete has to go.


Concrete mixers

Brand new or used to transport concrete where you want.


Machines for blocks

We distribute the brand HORPRE.

Semi automatic Pt Sl.

Automatic Nova 51.

Our machines are the integral solution for the manufacture of precast concrete ... any block, in any size and in any shape.

Various and accesories


Different type of accessories to make the construction works easier.

Rebar Banding machine

Rebar Cutting machine

Guardreils (edges protection) safety features

Debris offload

Unloading platforms

Concrete Backets

Pallets carrier

Chains and belts for cranes


Second hand machines

Second hand and reconditoned machines

Different type of second hand and reconditioned machines.

Used tower cranes

Used formworks and props

Used scaffolding

Used hoist and platforms

Used concrete plants

Used concrete mixer

Used trucks

Even more…